23 March 2013

At the Lake

We spent a couple days at the lake this week with my parents.  We had perfect weather, so the kids spent most of the time outside on bikes or in the kayak or fishing.  Grayson caught a lizard and a frog that seemed to actually like being held, so he was in heaven.  I love days at the lake:   the kids play all day long, we go out for ice cream and eat lunch at gas station grills, take long, meandering drives in the country, and sit on the boat dock, listening to the mourning doves and watching the water.  (There is also the requisite craziness of four kids staying at the house of people who no longer have little kids.  I told Grayson at least five times to stop opening every cabinet and drawer and snitching goodies like batteries, keys, and coins.)

Today we're home again and I woke up to a dark thunderstormy morning.  I should've stayed under the warm covers, but the lure of coffee and writing by candlelight was too strong.  I love meeting the day before it's light and all the kids are up and everything already feels overwhelming.  It's ironic:  I, chronically easily overwhelmed, live with four kids and a million animals and constant mess and noise.  If I don't wake up before everybody else, I have to fight the urge all day to run away.

Not today, though.  Dark mornings and hot coffee and sleepy kids from our trip make for a nice, nice morning.  I think I'll go make some muffins.  Hello, weekend.


  1. Your trip sounded blissful! sigh..... I have not mastered getting up early. I only have one little one left at home. Those three hours after bedtime are just too precious to give up ~ wink, wink Have a great blessed weekend!

  2. You sound like me - easily overwhelmed and in need of some quiet. My teens started waking at ten this morning. I was hoping for noon! But I enjoy them. My son needed spending money so we spent an hour working together so he could earn some. That was as good as quiet. The house looks great and he can go out with his friends this afternoon for a round of laser tag!

  3. When you rise early, know that just a few states to the east a kindred spirit is enjoying the same morning peace. Coffee, journal, Bible, and pen ~ I do believe it is the best way to begin a new day. And, you are correct, it saves my sanity and keeps me from wanting to come out of my skin later in the day! I love you, sweet friend! We will talk soon!

  4. We loved having you. Even the 'pulling every drawer open' and lizards escaping indoors is good for us. We both said we didn't want a boring life when we retired. It's never, ever boring when your tribe visits us. xooxox

    1. Bev, I love your heart for your family. Reminds me of my own parents and how they "complain" that after they have been around our family, their home seems too quiet!

  5. Beautiful children, and sounds like an absolutely beautiful week of peace (as peaceful as life with kids ever is, but you know what I mean). The picture of Sarah Grace on the verge of crying is seriously the cutest thing, just captivating... because all Moms know well that sweet moment right before the real waterworks start. Such a poignant reminder of those moments with my own little baby girls. Loved it!


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