12 November 2012


This post shows what we've been doing in the last six weeks:
Pretending she's biting him, I think?

My mom, loving on her newest granddaughter

Taken seconds before the cat noticed her and shadowboxed her head.  Neither one woke up, but I admit to flinging the cat across the room to make the point that you don't whack the baby.  I think he got the message.

Her pacifier providers


Admiring the perfection of every bit of her

Slumber party!  (For a few minutes, anyway)

Grayson literally cannot keep his hands--lips--off her.  I have to ward him off many times daily, to keep her asleep.  He's addicted.

Entertaining SG while I was having my quiet time.  Which was not very quiet.

Oh, this makes me sad!  She's already bigger than she was in this photo :(

Grammy and Sarah Grace

His first time feeding her a bottle!  

Reading lessons already

This is how Daddy and Sarah Grace watched the election results

Initiating her into the princess club--Addie with Beaux and Eden, Bridget's daughters

Clearly out of order, but that's okay--his first time holding her.  

Last but not least, my dad, who was a CHAMP and kept the big kids for me when I was in the hospital.  My mom was in Idaho helping my sister move, so my poor dad got the call and had to jump into Super Papa mode.  He did great, and everybody survived!

It may appear from these pictures that I'm never actually holding the baby! Everybody loves her so much, and someday when she's two and tearing up Lego magazines and eating lip gloss and getting into everything, I'm going to show the kids these and remind them that they worshiped the ground she walked on. (If she ever walks, which will only happen if they ever put her down.) I don't think she ever has to wonder if she's loved!


  1. Sarah you look wonderful after 4 children :)
    And, she is just as beautiful as the other 3 !
    God Bless you and your FAMILY !
    Have a wonderful THANKSGIVING THIS YEAR.

  2. I ♥ these pictures! And how the older kids have absolutely cherished Sarah Grace.

  3. I LOVE it!!!!!! Oh, you are seriously melting my heart! There is nothing, I repeat nothing, like a new baby in the house!!!! They bring a gentle peace with them that settles in and changes the feel of the whole place! So happy for you all!!! ;-)

  4. These are just precious! My Mom had my baby brother when I was 13 and my brother was 10. We adored him and still do, these pics remind me of that special time and he is now 47 years old. :o) Blessings on your sweet family!

  5. LOL! That last paragraph is so true. Our youngest (now 6) blew into our lives unexpectedly. Our then youngest was 4, and the other two kids were 5 and 7. They acted as if the baby hung the moon (we gently reminded them that the same God who brought him into our lives actually hung it). Fast forward. He's 6. They're 13, 11, and nearly 10. And oh, can he rock their worlds. But it's such a joy watching him try to "keep up" and they do still adore him...mostly. ;) Love the photo share. Thanks for posting them.

  6. Sarah, she is absolutely gorgeous, which I'm sure you know:-)

    Congratulations, again, on this wonderful new gift. Lots of love surrounding her for sure!

  7. I love, love so many of these photos that I could never choose a favorite - but high up there is SG asleep on Chris's chest (he looks like a very tired Daddy), Addie and SG, Papa holding her, see I could go on and on. Blessed baby, blessed family.


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