18 September 2012

September Update

I just read my last post--I can't remember what it was that I was knitting, but I have to admit the project didn't take all the worries away about getting things done before this baby comes.  We've been a whirlwind of activity lately, though, and the drywall guys are upstairs as I type, finishing the baseboards.  The plumber's scheduled for this afternoon, and that means that by tonight, I can move my boys upstairs, and they can turn on water in their new bathroom!  With just over 3 weeks left until my due date, that is a good feeling!

It has been a month since our inside and outside work started, and I now have deep empathy and admiration for my friend Erin, who has twice as many children as I and is living in her house during a much larger renovation.  I told my husband the other night, as I surveyed all the extra furniture and bathroom fixtures stacked in our great room, that I don't think I'll ever agree to another renovation during pregnancy again!  This one was a must, but it is tough to deal with nesting urges while sheetrock dust rains down on your head.  Right now I'm just closing my eyes to the mess, knowing that by this weekend everything will be done, and I can clean my house and decorate it for fall . . .

We are into our sixth week of school, trying to squeeze in as much as possible before the baby comes, so we can take off the second half of October and just enjoy her.  My mom has been coming in weekly or so to help, and I think when she comes in tomorrow we'll go hunting for nursery decor.  I finally moved the boys out and settled them on a mattress in the family room, so I could get their room empty to transform it into a nursery.  It's all painted now, with the furniture in, and it's hard to believe it was ever a boys' room!  My husband is spending his day off each week installing everybody's new light fixtures--chandeliers for the girls and vintage barnyard lighting for the boys.  I love seeing how something as simple as lighting can transform a space!

In my spare time (actually, there's none of that; it's technically during my chores time, which I've abandoned until the dust settles), I've been sewing the baby's linens.  I tried to find nursery bedding I liked, but the problem with being able to sew is that you know all the beautiful fabric out there, and you can create exactly what you envision!  After weeks of looking unsuccessfully at store-bought bedding, I found a fabric line that coordinates beautifully with Addie's room, and that settled it.  I've made the crib bedskirt, curtains, rocking chair cushions, window seat cushion, and have cut out her little quilt.  I need to sew the Roman shade so I can hang up the window treatments, and I still have all the window seat throw pillows to start.  I didn't really want to have to sew everything, but now I'm enjoying it and am really happy with how it looks so far.  Addie's room and the baby's room are mirror-image identical, with their windows and window seats on opposite sides of their rooms, sharing a common bathroom between.  So that means a bathroom redecorate is coming soon, too.  But I'm not thinking about that today . . .

So that's what's going on around here.  There's no way to recap the last two months, and really, it's just normal life for the most part.  We lost a sheep this summer, and someday I'll tell the story of the cremation service guy coming to get her--it was the most macabre-yet-funny experience I've ever had, like something out of a movie.  Soooo creepy!  But for the most part everybody else is alive and doing well, and excitement is mounting at the thought of a baby sister joining the fun in the next few weeks!

I need to get my husband to take some photos of the sewing projects, etc, that I've been working on and then post them.  But I'm making no promises.  The other day I dried a load of dirty laundry and put the coffee pot in the fridge, so clearly I'm not operating very well lately.  Pregnancy eats holes in my brain, I think!  But I'm enjoying (nearly) every minute of this one, and I'm in no hurry for it to end!

Happy almost-fall, and I'll be back--sometime!


  1. Congratulations! Excited for your family. Hope the work gets done quickly. We added on when our kids were not much older than yours and I have vivid memories trying to do school with a nail gun pounding away in the next room. Not too fun. But worth it in the end! : )

  2. So glad to hear from you. I would love to see pictures of all of your projects! I have read your blog for,years and was excited for you with this pregnancy. Looking forward to baby pictures.

    Mica Craig

  3. I cannot believe all that you are doing right now, with 3 weeks togo! Holy moly woman!!

    I would love to see pictures of all that you have done, in the next year or so.

    Cannot wait to see the most important new addition to the H household. Cannot wait!

    I still cannot believe it has been so many years since we "met", already. Wow.

    Love to all.

  4. Love the update!!!!!

    I am SO with you on reno projects during pregnancy. When I was expecting my daughter my husband and I pulled up every inch of carpeting in our house & installed unfinished wood floors which we then hand-sanded (yes for real) and I hand-stained on my hands and knees myself, then polyurethaned. It was insanity, but a nice way to channel those nesting instincts. We lived in utter construction chaos for several months so I know just what you mean about grinning and bearing it. And today we meet with a contractor to plan further work...but I'm not pregnant...& this won't be DIY!!!!!

    The nursery sounds darling!!!!!! Can't wait to see the photos.

  5. Wow! I am so impressed at your pregnancy energy! And, your sweet spirit shines through. All the best in these last days as you finish up "nesting." Hugs to you!

  6. So glad to hear from you! That's nice that you are able to get the renovations finished. If I was closer, I would offer some help. I pray you can get everything finished in the next few weeks. Of course, I would love to see all your sewing handiwork but understand if it doesn't work out. Please, please keep us updated with the birth. I can't wait to see this precious bundle. Blessings!

  7. Oh, I love you, sweet friend! And, I am crazy today. The workers were all here bright and early!! I will throw a party when it is all over! If only you could come!! :-) Glad yours is over for you!

  8. I read your mom's blog this morning and discovered that your precious daughter arrived a little early. Congratulations! I can't wait to see pictures of her with her siblings.

  9. Saw a picture of your Sarah on your mom's blog. Congratulations!!!! She's beautiful. : )


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