25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

TO: Papa & Grammy, Pop & Mimi, Grandpa & Grandma Angie,
Uncle Jer & Aunt Nessie, Uncle D & Aunt Janae, Uncle Robert & Aunt Cyndi, Uncle Ken & Aunt Meg, and Uncle Joey & Aunt Ellie:

Merry Christmas from Caiden, Grayson, and Addison!

We love you!!

We hope your Christmas is merry and bright and is filled with many blessings!! (and toys, says Grayson)

(We also apologize for this less-than-awesome photo--we were hungry and cranky, and Mom's not a very good photographer.)

We miss you each and will see you soon!


  1. GORGEOUS kids! Merry Christmas! Sunshine

  2. Merry Christmas to you and the family! (And I happen to love the picture)

  3. I think it's awesome, not that I'm objective. xoxoxo

  4. Oh my word. I do NOT like this picture!!! It is so sweet, and they all three look so, so sweet.... but they all look WAY too grown up!!!!!! :( Makes me so sad!

    Hope Christmas was great!!! I will see you soon!


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