19 December 2009


Three Hartfield boys, crammed in a chair, getting some bedtime sugar. Things I love about this:

Grayson is wearing a hat--Grayson is always wearing a hat, so that's no surprise. But at this point, he'd been wearing that hat for 72 hours straight, and Pace made him take it off at bedtime because he was afraid his hair would fall out. Grayson pointed out that it would be okay if it did, since he had a hat on. And those cheeks! Bliss right there.

Caiden's face--Caiden is a love sponge. That's his trademark expression, and he just oozes with happiness and cheese. I'm crazy about him.

Pace's dad's face--this is a man who's lived through two boys and a girl of his own, and he generally just smiles and shakes his head at mine. By 8 p.m. he was still (mostly) smiling at them--a serious accomplishment. Boys can wear a body out! And see those eyes? That's where Grayson gets his from. Pace's sister has the same sky blue, amazing eyes. Thanks Bob, for passing them on--they're going to be responsible for some serious girl trouble in the future.


  1. One of my boys has his grandfather's blue eyes too. Love the 'serious girl trouble' quote! : )

  2. Looks like you hit the nice looking family lottery genepool! What precious boys, Sarah. And how lucky to have grandpas with with to cuddle.


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