09 October 2009

Bento Boxes

Caiden's quilt top, pieced only

I started these back in May or June, after being inspired by Crazy Mom Quilt's Bento Box quilt, and my goal was to have one for each boy's bed by his birthday. I'm technically one day late, since I didn't finish the binding until last night at midnight and still had to wash the quilt, but that's close enough for me.

For those of you who care about quilting-type things, here's the info:
The piecing of both quilts is randomly done, so they're the same fabric and same overall pattern, but I didn't make them identical in piecing.

The backs are different fabrics, but complement each other in color and style. I chose muslin-colored striping with a coordinating fabric, to lend an old-time style to the more modern fronts.
Grayson's quilt back

Each quilt also has a fish appliqued on the back, cut from a shirt both boys wore when they were two. I couldn't bear to part with the shirt, so I figure this is a good way to "save" it!
Grayson's appliqued fish

Caiden's is quilted in four quadrants of non-measured right angles.
A birthday present!

That was really a pain because it's the size of a twin bedspread, and I have a regular sewing machine, so it didn't turn out quite as well as Grayson's, which I free motion quilted. As a result, Grayson's is better overall, but not enough to be noticeable by anybody, I hope!
Grayson's quilt finished

I bound Caiden's the traditional way, cutting strips, sewing them on, and then hand-sewing them down. Grayson's was an experiment in Anna's "unambitious guide to binding," and I pulled the backing to the front and hand-sewed it in a double fold binding. I realize that to exacting quilters, that's a faux pas, but that's how quilts were often bound long ago when fabric was at a premium, and I told my mom this morning I really liked doing it that way. I would've used the backing fabric to bind it, anyway, and by not cutting binding strips, I had just enough fabric leftover to make him a coordinating pillow sham. Because I did Caiden's "by the book," I don't think I have enough fabric leftover to make him one.

The boys' beds are made with their new quilts today, and I feel very satisfied to cross such a big project off my list.
I still need to make each one a coordinating pillow sham and pillow case, and I have ambitious, possibly-not-realistic plans to make them each a corduroy duvet cover to keep folded at the ends of their beds--just not today!

For now, I'm very happy to be done!


  1. Very lovely quilts! You did a great job...and I say Brava for using Anna's binding method! Handmade is handmade in my book and both quilts are beautiful!

  2. I love the way your quilts look on their beds....such great colors. I am inspired by the way you just decide to do it and get it done!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful - you should be bustin' your buttons proud.You've been sewing a mere two years and look at you go. I am absolutely proud of what you have accomplished in such a short time. oxxo

  4. They look great! I have no idea what binding even means, but they are beautiful,so I think whatever you did is just fabulous:-)

    Wow! What an accomplishment. I'll bet you would never leave your daughter's dress with the burst button just sitting for two weeks waiting to be reapplied:-) I think I need to get motivated!

  5. I think the whole idea and especially the result, of your wanting to save something from the fish shirts, is maybe the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

    Beautiful, Sarah. This craft aunt couldn't possibly be more proud of you. xoxoxo Aunt Barb

  6. The quilts are awesome! I love them, and I know the boys do too! My Addie needs one...my MIL made her one with much hoopla and anticipation, only to find out it doesn't cover the bed. Um. It's a large throw. So now Addie wants mama to make one that actually fits. A bento box in pinks and greens and whites would be pretty...or a flying geese...I haven't decided yet.

  7. Oh they are beautiful. You have such talent. I wish I had the patience and the time.

  8. I love quilts, but have neither the time nor the talent to make one...guess I'll keep the economy going by buying mine. UGH! You did a wonderful job!

  9. I LOVE how you did the backs of the quilts. How you pieced it and how you used the little fish - that is exactly what a craft should be - from the heart. Lucky, lucky boys!

  10. Hi Sarah! It has been a long time. What beautiful quilts! And I think Caleb had that same shirt. I ended up giving it to my nephew. I miss that shirt.


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