15 September 2009

In the Sewing Room

Here's what's going on in the sewing room, which was recently rearranged (That was almost as fun as actually sewing!)~

I'm working on a top-secret baby gift for my friend Brittani's new baby girl, Presli. So I can't reveal the nature of it just yet. But it's going to be super cute and I think I'll be tempted to keep it for myself. But I won't, Brittani, I promise!

I've been sewing the children's fall pajamas, using my trusty New Look 6746 pattern. It fits from sizes 3-8, so that's perfect for all three of mine. The boys got matching George Washington/Americana ones, and if you know Grayson very well, you'll know that made his day. He has a thing for Washington and the Revolution. Addie got a pair of yellow ones with baby chicks on them, and I used a fancy stitch on my machine to hem the bottoms. I left about 3" for the hem, so I can just let them out come next spring. She was very happy to sleep in new pajamas last night! I need to get going on her nightgowns, but those require more time than simple pajama pants. If you're new to sewing, this pattern is a perfect starter. It's what I used to make the boys' pajama sets for Christmas 2007. I don't know if it will happen, but I'd love to make them matching robes for this Christmas.

I'm also determined to make the second dining room curtain. It's lined and has pleats, hence the dragging of my feet. I love the finished product, but I hate sewing lined, pleated drapes. They're huge and unwieldy and I have to lug them up and down my twirly stairs to my sewing loft because they're bigger than the floor space up there. I just need to do it, you know?

And for Christmas this year I'm hoping to make Addie's Paper Dolls quilt. I ordered the kit back in February for her birthday, it finally arrived in May or June, and now I'm thinking it would make a perfect Christmas gift for her. I recently found her a beautiful old cradle, so the two would be wonderful together.

So that's what's going on! I have very little time to sew, stealing moments here and there if Pace works late or we have a lazy Saturday afternoon, but I'm trying to capitalize on those moments and not stress about not having enough time. Someday I'll have lots of free time, but that won't be for approximately 15 years or so!

What are you working on? Any fun projects? Feel free to link in the comments section; I can always use another good project to keep in mind!


  1. Hi Sarah!

    I'm fascinated by the Paper Dolls quilt. I can't wait to see what that looks like.

    Meanwhile, I am leaving a link to something I just love. I thought of Addie. I know if I had a little girl/grandgirl, I'd be making this for her Christmas too.


    Have a wonderful week!

  2. I am still working on hand quilting my first quilt. I stopped when it got hot outside because having that hot quilt in my lap for hours was no fun!

  3. Hi Sarah,

    I just recently borrowed my mom's sewing machine. I'm pretty sure she won't be wanting it back anytime soon so I'm claiming it as mine for now. :) I hadn't sewed in probably 20 or more years, but I was able to use it with only some phone tips from my mom. SO fun! I'm excited to find some time to do some projects. Maybe I'll try the pajama pants!

    This isn't sewing related, but I'm getting ready to start doing Ambleside Online with my 10 and 8 year old kiddos. If you have any great tips or advice, I'm all ears. :)

    I love hearing about all of your projects. Sew fun! ;)

  4. Quilts are always so much fun. Please post pictures when you finish it!

    I'm in the midst of a tote bag spree. I found a simple pattern this summer, and have probably made at least ten of them since. They are quick, easy, and very useful. Plus, a brightly colored tote bag is much more fun to carry than a dark black bag, the standard store alternative.

  5. Hi Sarah!

    I just read your comment! I can't believe you had a puppy named Tucker and a golden named Scout! That is so wild! : ) Thank you for your sweet message! We DO miss our Scout! He was a great dog... he died of bone cancer : (

    Tucker is keeping us very busy... I forget how it is like having a newborn : )

    I wish I could sew or homeschool!

    Hope you have a happy evening!

    Emmy : )

  6. Hi Sarah, I have been following your blog since right before Addison was born. I came here via Lisa Whelchel's website. Anyway I also homeschool and am struggling with our writing curriculum. My fourth grader loathes it. Please tell me if you have any advice (esp. since your an English major). Thanks in advance and btw would love to see pics of your school room and sewing room.

  7. I have a stack of projects I can't wait to get to!!! I gave my 2 weeks at my afternoon job which should free up some time, then as soon as I can sell our lab puppies I will have lots more time!! Whoo Hoo!!
    On a side note... we were given a golden and he is the WORST chewer of any dog I have ever seen!!! He ATE our hammock, gnawed the paint off the legs of the beautiful red picnic table and benches my dad made us for Christmas and he chases the chickens and starts plucking them if we don't get down there fast enough!!! Our labs were chewers but didn't touch any of that stuff and if they see a chicken out they head the other direction!!!


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