11 May 2009

Loving Mellow May

May has been a happy month for me, all 10 days of it so far. Many things in our regular routine, like Scouts and co-op, are coming to their seasonal close, and our schedule is wider and freer. I've been spending early mornings on the porch, writing in my lists notebook, of things I want to do this mellow month:

1. Clean out kids' clothes and take them to Goodwill. All except Addie's clothes, which I have an attachment to and can't bear to part with yet.  And Caiden's get passed down to Gray, so it's a nice, easy task.

2. Steam clean my tile floors. You can't imagine the dirt that gets tracked in. With a barn, that dirt is, well, dirty.  A good steam clean will make regular cleaning a lot easier.

3. Work on my quilt blocks for this one-a-day quilt along.  There's nothing better than the lack of pressure of having three months to put together a quilt!

4.  Tend the newly-planted garden.  It's all planted, so now it's just water and a little weed-love that's needed.

5.  Continue adding mine and Caiden's books to GoodReads.com.  We're keeping track of what we've read this year.  His list is more impressive than mine.  

6.  Spending more time on Caiden's lessons.  With fewer distractions in the schedule, we have lots of time for read-alouds, fun projects, and visits to the pond to see science in action.  We school through July, so we're not in a time crunch to finish anytime soon.

There are no true projects on the list:  no painting or curtain-sewing or renovating.  No garden beds to plant, or landscaping to put in, or parties to host.  We needed a break, so we're taking one.

I'm already loving May.

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