09 April 2009

I Saw a Quilt

on her blog a while back, and I loved it. So I copied it. Here it is, in stages:

Selecting fabric, entirely from my stash. The cream on top is from a flat sheet of Grayson's that he never used. Pardon the empty picture frame. Am I the only person who does that?
Cutting triangles, all 256 of them.
Sewing the triangles into squares.
Laying them out, trying to decide.
Sewing each row.
Then connecting the rows into panels, then finally all together.
Pin basting
it to the back. The outer green is a sheet from Ikea.
My binding basket, during TV watching at night. Pardon the yarn. How did that get in there?
All done!

Free-motion quilted in light pink thread, for an instant loved feeling.

Thank you, Amanda Jean, for the inspiration!

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