23 February 2009

Excited About Monday

I'm excited it's Monday!  (I don't recall ever feeling that way when I was a teacher; clearly I'm doing what God has called me to do now!)  I woke up this morning to sunshine streaming in my bedroom windows and looked out to find our new, huge, orange cat, "O.C." sitting in the entrance to the barn, surveying his new kingdom.  I love how cats are so assuming!  (This character trait isn't so charming in people, though.)

I hurried out to drag the trash cans to the curb for the trash pickup (We missed last week and have been overflowing the last few days!  More on that in a minute.) and realized that my house is a wreck, my checkbook is in need of some help, and my head is clogged beyond Mucinex's help with a new head cold, but I was still thrilled for it to be Monday!  There's just something nice about Mondays--a new work week to get things done, make new to-do lists, and work toward some goals.  My goal today is simply to get started on cleaning the house, do the boys' laundry, and make something great for dinner.  And maybe buy some real Kleenexes; the toilet paper is rubbing my nose raw.

Speaking of toilet paper--I haven't gone t.p.'ing (or "rolling," or "wrapping" depending where you live) since I was in junior high--about 20 years ago.  Pace has; what self-respecting student pastor hasn't?  He's in the worship ministry now, so I think the last time he went was about 5 years ago.  Anyway, Saturday night after our worship service, he and I were vegging out on the couch, relaxing after the C3 Conference, when our pastor's wife, Lisa, called us at about 10 p.m.  He and she whispered on the phone, and when Pace hung up, he moved into high gear--"Sarah, the Youngs are coming here with Christine to t.p. our house!  I've got to kennel up the dogs and get my flashlight!"  Christine, who was here to speak during the conference and again for the weekend, being Australian, didn't know about the joys of t.p.'ing, so they were taking her on her inaugural mission.  But Lisa, not wanting the group to be rushed by our dogs, gave us a heads up first.  

About twenty minutes later, two cars pulled into the drive, and I hid in the back of the house so nobody would see me.  They rolled the trees covertly, not knowing that Pace was wearing all black and hiding up in the field at the front of the house.  About halfway through their job, he came running down the hill, barking furiously.  Yes, barking.   My husband has the dubious gift of great animal impersonations.  He can bark like the most ferocious dog ever (and squeal like a pig and cry like a baby), and even though Ed and Lisa are well-acquainted with the bark, having heard it before, it was so dark out, and he came so fast, that it scared the living daylights out of the entire crew.  Christine literally jumped over our fence, falling the last half, convinced it was a real dog.  I'm not sure who had more fun, them or him!  

The boys were mystified when they woke up Sunday morning.  "Mama, there's toilet paper in our trees!"  

"I know.  Pastor Ed put it there."


When I explained the joys of rolling, they both grinned.  Ed's esteem in their eyes moved to the next level.  They're already planning on hiding in the field and howling like coyotes "the next time Pastor Ed t.p.s us!"

I grabbed one of the rolls, and with the help of one of our other pastors, rolled Ed's, Lisa's, and Christine's seats in the auditorium before church.  I never get suspected for doing these kinds of things, because I'm married to Pace.  He's crazier than I am, so the blame rarely falls on me.  It was hilarious to see Ed's face when he walked in and saw his seat!

The entire night's escapade was caught on camera, and when Christine got up to speak, the video was shown to introduce her.  She said that in all her travels, she'd never been introduced to speak with a roll of toilet paper.  I heard she's a little bruised from her fall (Sorry about that, Christine!), but I think it's safe to say it was a memory she won't forget.

So this morning I stuffed armfuls of toilet paper in the trash bins, relishing the sunshine and new start to the week, and laughed again.

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