22 January 2009


How is it already Thursday afternoon? I feel like I've been busy this week, but when I look at my house and see laundry piles, dirty dishes, and unmade beds, I'm not exactly sure what I've been doing. Clearly not laundry, dishes, or bed-making! But I did get to Ikea Tuesday to get a potty for Addie, and I found the perfect bedspread for our master, so all's not lost, right??

I mentioned earlier this week that I found a new blog, and it's so good that I went back to the beginning and read every post! I was so excited with my find. But then Tuesday morning, when telling my mom about it, she was like, "Oh, yeah. I've been reading that blog for some time now!" So maybe I'm the only one who's not up to snuff? But just in case, here it is: Bring the Rain. I won't spoil the story if you've not heard it yet, but trust me that you need to wait until after your kids are in bed, when you can grab a box of Kleenexes and sit up without interruption! Go back to the very first post to start. The faith, vulnerability, and beautiful writing are worth the lost sleep! And if I'm the last person on earth to have "discovered" this blog, just don't tell me.

I almost mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I've found a new cleaning system, but in light of what my house looks like right now, I'd better hold off posting about it. I think I need to actually go do it, first! If only there could be a system that literally works for me. I can come up with systems easily enough, it's the actual doing them that's not working!

Well, I'd love to kill time sitting here, but I really do think I hear some dirty blue jeans calling my name . . .

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