16 January 2009


Right now my husband is Googling "ultimate bunk bed forts" in preparation for The Big Night tonight: he and the boys are having a bunk bed "sleepover." They're roasting hot dogs and s'mores before crashing in the boys' room to watch a movie on the laptop and play with Army toys and build blanket forts all night. I tried to tell him he's crazy--how are three people going to sleep in one twin bed? But the boys are over the moon with excitement, and I think he secretly is, too. Evidently we're having a family-wide Kroger trip in a little while to prepare.

All this means it's my Big Night tonight, too! Addie goes to bed at 8, so I have plans of my own, namely involving my bathtub and book, Beth Moore's message on "Enormously Effective Prayer" on my laptop, and a decaf coffee with whipped cream in bed. After a rotten migraine this morning, it's a happy way to end a day.

What are you doing tonight??

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