13 January 2009

Booty and Mateys

Grayson just informed me that "booty is lots and lots of money." He should know--this morning I woke up to the clanging of all his and Caiden's money, banging around in a little treasure chest his Aunt Egg gave him. (Aunt "Egg" is another story entirely.). I think Caiden wasn't quite so gung-ho on combining all their money, but now it's too late. I'm just going to have to divide it equally. I don't blame Caiden for being a little lackluster over the plan--nine-tenths of it was his. That Grayson is one smart kid.

Gray and Caiden are pirate-obsessed. When I told them that there are still real pirates sailing the seas, and that they're really, really bad, the boys were really, really impressed. I think they missed my point. The boys have pirate clothes, including a ratty old eyepatch, pirate stickers and tattoos, pirate books, and of course a big pirate ship with lots of little Playmobil pirate men. With interchangeable hair. I find their little hair-pieces all over the place, and it makes me giggle to see plastic pirate toupees. I doubt a pirate would really bother with a hairpiece, right?

Usually I'm the "pirate mama princess," or the "pirate mama queen," which never involves me actually doing anything other than being christened with the name, and sometimes I'm left out of the picture entirely, but Grayson is always the "matey," and Caiden is always the captain. Caiden just drew me a picture of a boat with two little pirates--one has a captain hat, and one has a "matey" hat. Guess who is who. I think it's funny that Grayson never cares that he's always the matey, just like he never questions why he has the bottom bunk. Hierarchy comes naturally to brothers, I guess. (Just don't tell Jacob and Esau.) Of course, Grayson quietly managed to steal most of Caiden's money, so maybe there's a little more justice than I realized.

No real point here; I'm just sitting in the quiet thinking of how glad I am that God, in His wisdom, gave me two boys: I don't have to wear the eye patch, and my spare change is still safely hidden in the cupboard.

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