08 October 2008

An Interruption

I was just reading this morning in my favorite Elisabeth Elliot book, "Keep a Quiet Heart," about allowing God to use the interruptions and irritations in life. Then I told my mom how overwhelmed I feel with our October schedule, and that I just wished I could stay in bed all day long and read more of Elisabeth. And then it happened: Addie threw up. On my down comforter. And on my bedroom carpet. And I realized that while I didn't hear God's actual voice, it seemed a pretty clear message:

"Sarah, here's an interruption in your schedule. The birthday party? Cancelled. The errands? Not going to happen. Stay home, love on your little girl, and be thankful for a chance to slow down. And do it with a cheerful attitude. That's your job for today."

So that's what I'm doing today. That, and a little laundry.

p.s. Hey look! It's a snappy new template! And it was free, and I did it in about 2 minutes. So if you're home with sick kids, or otherwise have 2 free minutes and want to customize your blog for free, click on the top left link on this page. I love easy technology!!

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