03 September 2008

Not Exciting

Lots going on around here, although nothing earth-shattering.  I like it like that, come to think of it.  

*Brittani lent me her sewing machine today, as mine is off to be serviced.  Hooray for great friends who own sewing machines and don't mind lending them!

*I'm pondering making this.  Because when I read the variation that includes white chocolate chips, macadamia nuts, and white chocolate pudding, I got really hungry and thought of Christmas, all at the same time.  We're big bread eaters around here, usually with a loaf of bread on the counter from this book, and we can always use some more, especially for breakfast.  If you live near me, know me, and want some starter, I'll be happy to share!  (Melissa, Angela, F.R.?)

*Today was so cool outside we spent just about every minute of it outside, except for during school.  Which we rushed, so we could go back outside.  My kids are filthy but really happy tonight.  And tired, I'm hoping.

*Speaking of school, we started yesterday.  Four weeks ago, when we went on "summer" break, I couldn't imagine being ready to start back.  But about a week ago, it was hard to tell who was more ready, me or Caiden.  We just operate better around here when we're in school. 

*And speaking of cool, it's really dangerous for me to have days like this, when the high is in the 70s.  That's about 20 degrees cooler than normal for September, and it makes me crazy.  I start setting out pumpkins and baking pumpkin pies and playing my fall music.  If we lived in Massachusetts, that'd be okay, but we don't, and it's not going to really be in the 70s for a good two more months.  I don't know why I do this to myself.

*And I guess that's it!  Well, we're getting a new toilet in the hallway bath; I'm finally getting my hair cut after four months; and Caiden's about to lose a tooth at the same time as he's cutting his last 6 year molar, which I think is funny.  You can see why I say it's not that exciting around here.  But if you've read about us much in the last two years, you can understand me when I say I really love times that aren't exciting.   

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