29 September 2008


I was going through the pictures on my camera recently and noticed quite a few of Grayson.  Here are some of my favorites.  There aren't any of him by himself, mainly because he and Caiden are inseparable, and also because the only one of him solo featured him in his underwear with a sword and helmet.  In the driveway.  

Here he is with Daddy, ready for a "Daddy & Me" date.  He dressed himself, complete with gardening gloves, and Chris was gracious enough to tell him he looked terrific, load him in the car, and actually take him in public.  I was very impressed.  Those cowboy boots come up to his knees.

This is a regular occurrence in our house.  Grayson dresses up daily, and it almost always involves socks on his hands.  This outfit is complete with underwear for hats.  And binoculars.  Notice the shirt.  (Don't notice the furniture.  It's going.  And so are the hideous drapes.) 
Spying?  Soldiering?  Who knows.  Those two speak their own language and spend a large portion of each day sneaking around in camouflage and catching frogs.  They define the word, "boy."

Best friends.  And experts at destroying a clean room faster than I can blink.  Or weep.

Coat, hat, socks-for-gloves.  And a tiny hint of those cowboy boots again.  I love it.

Taking an afternoon nap with Daddy on the John Deere, wearing his "earbums" to drown out the noise.

He's one of a kind, that's for sure.

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