18 August 2008

Rainy Monday Morning

It's raining here, something rare in August, and it always makes me happy to wake up to a gray, rainy day in the middle of summer.  After a long, quiet sit in my favorite chair with my favorite mug and my favorite journal, I had to acknowledge my hungry children and get up.  But I could've stayed there all day.  The only thing better than a rainy morning in August is a rainy morning in October.  I might not have gotten up, then.

But it's Monday, and you know how Mondays are.  You resolve to actually  make a meal plan this week, and balance the checkbook, and tackle the laundry mountain.  I always have big plans, Monday mornings.  By Wednesday I've come to my senses, but while it's still Monday I'm always very optimistic.

Today is a good Monday--Addison gets her cast off today, a welcome treat after a month of sponge baths and grubby feet.  She'll be very happy to wear two shoes again and be able to swim with friends.  I'll be very happy, too.  Her cast makes her feel heavy!  I'll be happy to tote her lightweight 20 pounds around again.

We've got just two weeks left before Caiden and I start first grade, so I'm feeling the urge to pull out the binder and remind myself what we'll be doing, and whip our household into shape with schedules, chore lists, and meal plans.  We're going to be efficient!  Effective!  Productive!  I remember the same optimism in August when I was a schoolteacher.  By December it's a different story.  Sort of like Wednesdays.

But for now, it's a rainy Monday morning, my favorite, and I'm happy to spend some of it in the armchair, sipping coffee and dreaming.  Wednesday will come soon enough.  It's a happy thing to concentrate just on today.  

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