13 May 2008

Back in the World

I feel reconnected to civilization now. The Internet is up, my phones work, and I even know my own phone number! It's like coming back to earth. The lady at AT&T welcomed me back from isolation as I hung up tonight, and I realized how much I rely on this laptop! I have a bunch of potential perennials/weeds I need to identify before I pull them out, and we need to do some tractor-hunting. Wow, has life changed!

I asked my mom tonight if I can officially say I live in the country (Target is about 10 minutes away, so I wasn't sure.), and right as she was answering, an enormous owl swooped down from our front pasture, across the road, and into the trees beyond. We stopped the car, got out, and stood in awe listening to it "yell" at us. Earlier today we discovered wild grapes and a berry patch behind the barn. So I guess I can say yes, I live in the country now. It makes my heart swell to find wild violets growing and watch the neighbor's flock of goats wandering by each morning. We've prayed for this for years, and it's a really satisfying feeling to finally be here. The boys have matching "muck out the barn boots" lined by the back door, and Caiden's are already dirty. All the real estate drama was definitely worth it. Once I get the camera back (How many times have I said that?), I'll have some fun pictures to post.

My mom goes home tomorrow, and then I'm on my own to finish wading through boxes and getting this place feeling like home. Thank you for all the sweet comments and well-wishing during our move. I hope to be back tomorrow with pictures!

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