18 April 2008

Finishing Up

I asked for questions from you a while back and have taken a looooong time to answer them.  In my defense, there were around 50.  Combine that with the number of questions the boys ask me everyday, and I burned out quick!

But the boys are distracted by the zillions of boxes in the house right now, so they're not asking me things like whether toilet water really goes to the sea like Nemo says, or how to spell things, or anything else.  And because nothing in this house seems to be wrapping up easily, I'll feel really accomplished to finish these off.  So here's what I've got left of your questions:

1.  My favorite recipe:  I don't have a favorite; I'm too flighty, but here's my long-standing favorite for when I can't think of anything to cook.

Texas Two-Step Chicken Picante
chicken breasts
dijon mustard
brown sugar

Spray a glass baking dish with Pam and line it with thawed or fresh chicken breasts.
Combine the mustard, sugar, and salsa together.  Use enough of each to make a mixture that will cover your chicken.  Amounts just aren't that important in this dish.
Spread over your chicken, pop in the oven at 350 for about 30 minutes or til cooked.  That's it!  
Serves well with Spanish rice and black beans.

2.  My biggest fear:
Hmm.  Don't laugh at me, but I'd have to say it's a tie between being suffocated underneath the bed/mattress, or grasshoppers.  Having a grasshopper touch me while I'm underneath a suffocating mattress would send me over the edge.  Oh, and I've always been afraid of being falsely convicted of a crime and having to go to jail.  Am I alone in that one?

3.  What's next on my list to "conquer":
I'm going to read up on creating a compost pile.  Again, don't laugh.  I've always wanted one, and now we'll have the room for one, and I think next year's gardens will appreciate this new-found knowledge!  Not very romantic, is it?

4.  How did Chris and I meet?
We were both in the library at college, about 6 weeks into my freshman year.  He was hanging out with his fraternity brothers, and I was tutoring or doing something nerdy like that, and we caught each other's eye.  The rest is history!  It was Supreme Interest at First Sight. (But we didn't begin to date for almost 6 months, and we married about three years after we met.)

5.  What are good tips for getting blog traffic?
I'm really not authoritative in this at all.  In fact, the only time I've ever looked up the question to this was five minutes ago, to answer this.  If you're really interested in it, go here for a real list.  It was the first one I saw, and it looks good.  Other than that, I can recommend having a famous friend write about you on her blog, or having a major life crisis.  It seems to suck people in.  :)  

In all seriousness, if you're trying to supplement your income through ads, there really are good ways you can increase your traffic.  The list above has good tips, and you can probably Google "how to increase blog traffic" and get a lot more!

6.  Aunt Barb wants to know how long I was homesick in college:  (No, I don't refer to random bloggers as my Aunt.  She really is my aunt.)
See answer to question #4 :)  For six weeks I was a wreck, calling home 82 times a day, crying at all hours, sobbing into my Ramen noodles and mac & cheese, and begging for things like my cat's hair to be sent to me in a baggie.  Enter Chris.  End of homesickness.  Voila!  Nothing like falling head over heels in love to beat homesickness.

7.  And the very last question:  what are my favorite and least favorite things about being married to a pastor?
This is hard to answer, since I've never been married to anybody who wasn't a pastor.  Or anybody other than Chris, actually.  Even while we were dating he was in ministry.  My favorite thing is that I'm married to this pastor.  Okay, sorry, that didn't answer the question.  Hmm.  I love getting to be a part of what he does and is passionate about, week in and week out.  For a lot of professions, the spouse can't see day-to-day events and outcomes, but the wife of a minister is often able to be a part of the ministry.  Even though I'm not involved per say in the actual worship ministry, I'm involved in our church, and the people he works with are our friends.  It's a wonderful support group!  

My least-favorite thing about being married to a pastor is that my kids are in a fishbowl, as preacher's kids.  But hey, life as a Christian is in a fishbowl anyway.  So when you see me and my kids are going nuts, blame it on their worship minister.  His mother assures me they get their energy from him.  :)  

Okay, that's it!  I did have some of you ask me for the details of my proposal story and about my wedding, but Chris has vetoed me from answering.  Because the details are SO romantic and SO precious that he knows he'll be teased til Kingdom come by his colleagues and friends, many of whom are covert readers of this blog.  Hi Daniel. :)

Thank you for your questions, and if I've somehow forgotten any, please don't ask me right now.  My brain is currently packed away in a moving box somewhere.

p.s.  The PODS are coming today!  This is significant; just three more days of this, and we're off to start our sabbatical between moving out and moving in!  It's the light at the end of this tunnel, and if I never see another box again, that'll be just fine.

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