23 March 2008

Famous Last Words

I could post a picture of my kitchen, but in light of recent developments, I'm postponing that.

A week ago Chris asked me (for the ninetieth time) when we're getting a second dog, and I gave my standard reply: NEVER.

And in 24 hours, my home will officially be on the market. So it makes total sense that we brought home a friend for Easter:

But seriously, who could say no to that face? The minute I saw his picture, I knew I was sunk. (Which Chris was counting on when he showed it to me.) So Shadow the black lab now joins Scout, our golden retriever, who'd tell you this was the best Easter of his life, if he could speak.

Last year, the night before Easter, we got a hamster. This year, a dog. What's up for next year, a horse? I asked Caiden, and he said he'd like an elephant. Nothing like dreaming big.

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