25 July 2007

Spring Cleaning in July While Listening to Christmas Music

That's what I'm doing today. My blinds in the back of the house (where we do much of our living) have gotten away from me. Now they're past being dustable, so I've had to bathe them in the bathtub, and I thought while I was at it, I might as well vacuum the ceiling fan, wash the windows inside and out, mulch a flower bed, and pick weeds.

And then, somehow, that turned into pulling the stove out from the wall and cleaning behind it, washing inside cabinets, rearranging the various cooking things, and killing a large spider here and there. Which then led to cleaning the floors (I use spray to kill the spiders), and while I was on my hands and knees on the floor I realized there were some spots in the carpet that needed some help. How cleaning the blinds turned into a full-blown spring cleaning, I'm not sure yet. I'm too tired, frankly, to figure it out.

But I'm not without relief: I have a cold Diet Coke, a brand new Hershey's bar, and Christmas music to listen to. Sirius Pops (channel 86?) is having a Christmas in July day, and after I turned on the TV to listen to my favorite classical station, I realized I was humming along not to Lakme's Flower Duet (my favorite!), but to Come, All Ye Faithful. And while I have a hard-and-fast rule of not listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, I'm breaking it today. It just seems right to do spring cleaning in July while listening to Christmas music.

Maybe that makes me an oxymoron? I'm not sure whether to emphasize the "oxy" (for Oxyclean?), or the "moron." Either way, the blinds look a lot better.

(And if you're my mom and are wondering where the pictures of the upstairs redo are, they're still in my camera. If you're my husband and are wondering where the pictures of the kids are that I promised to email you at work yesterday, those are in my camera, too. If you're anybody else, and you've emailed me in the last week and are wondering if I'm alive, I am. But your emails are still in my inbox. A girl can only do so much at once. :-)

UPDATE: Several of you have asked how I do all this with three little ones at home. Easy: I lock them outside. Just kidding! They "help" me, or I do it while they have roomtime and then naptime. Yesterday I had Grayson "wash" dishes in the sink while Caiden and I finished making cookies. Addie scooted around on the floor hollering for more Cheerios and playing with blocks. If you don't mind the constant noise and extra mess, it works fine to have little ones around while working on household tasks. For big projects, like painting cabinets, I wait until they're in bed for the night. I'm not completely crazy.


  1. That sounds like something I would do, rock on sister friend, rock on!

  2. And to think I was pleased that I managed to do a few dishes and some laundry today! Okay, I'm tired now...think I'll go to bed!

    Your entire family is just amazing to me. I've even asked Barb to bite me so that maybe her DNA would merge with mine a la Spiderman. I would be one serious housecleaning, cake-baking fiend! LOL.

    Glad you got so much done and can now rest in a job well done!


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