04 May 2007

Various and Sundry Pictures

Since I've only posted a million pictures in the last week, I figured I could add some more today. That way I can justify owning my digital camera, since I only print out pictures about twice a year. Some of these serve a purpose; some don't at all. Enjoy!

I wrote yesterday about where I have my quiet time. Since it freaks me out a little to post pictures of my bed, I'm posting this instead:
That Cracker Barrel rocking chair is like Diet Coke to my soul. I come up with excuses to be outside, just to rock in it.

And this is a closeup of one of my coffee mugs. I love it.

For those of you who left me comments apologizing that your quiet time spot is your shower or your carpool line, there's no need to apologize! As you can see from my picture, there is a wheelbarrow in the background, next to a huge hole of muck that won't drain. It's supposed to be where one of my trees is going to be planted (today, Lord willing!), but it won't drain from the rains we had earlier this week, so it's a pit of standing ick. And if you were to look at my quiet time spot from another angle, you'd see a poop scooper, various sun-faded toddler toys, and a large gardening implement that's used to dig out the really big weeds. Why it's in the backyard, I have no idea. All that to say that my spot isn't fantastic at all, except for the 10x10 perimeter right on the patio. That's why I keep my eyes trained on the plants on the table, rather than letting them sneak over to the barren wasteland we refer to as our backyard! If God shows up, it doesn't matter whether you're in a minivan or a mansion. It's glorious, regardless!

And for those of you who kindly remembered and asked about the containers I planted after our disastrous trip to the nursery (Remember the naughty boy flying down the hill toward the expensive fountain? My naughty boy?) The containers turned out really well, in my humble, not-so-green thumb opinion:

And now moving on toward the random. Caiden has deep-seated (seeded?) desires to be a photographer. He steals my camera out of my purse most mornings and takes pictures of whatever his heart desires. Sometimes it's his sister, and he does a great job:

Sometimes, though, this is what I find on my camera:
That would be an extreme close-up of her head.

And sometimes I realize he not only likes to snap the pictures, he also enjoy positioning his subjects, especially the ones who move less than his sister:

These are, for those of you who don't live in little boy land, Playskool knights and pirates. Most mornings before his photo extravaganza, the knights team up with the pirates against the creatures (our name for all rubber lizards, bugs, dinosaurs, etc.), the cowboys and Army men, and the counting bears. He swears the counting bears are the most ferocious of the lot, but I just don't see how anything that looks like a plastic, brightly-colored gummi bear can be lethal. I want you to know that I had a total of eight of these pictures, all of different characters, all posed differently. Even more odd is that I saved all eight pictures. I can't bear to delete them.

And speaking of posing, does Addison not look like a little schoolgirl? Bridget gave me six pairs of these Mary Jane socks for Addie's birthday, and paired with this dress, she looks ready to skip down the street to her Catholic private school. Except she can't skip. And we're not Catholic. And she's not in school. But you get the idea.
These socks have Mary Jane shoes printed on them, and her six pairs are all pastels, so she can wear pink Mary Jane socks with her pink clothes, etc. This is a perfect solution to my problem: Addison has so many pairs of adorable shoes, all of which she can yank off in 0.3 seconds. If these socks came in adult size, I'd wear them. But only around the house. And I'd probably skip.

And that ends today's random pictures, random post session. I do have something to say about Diet Coke and electrocution, but that'll hold for another day.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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