30 September 2006

A One-Track Mind is Hard to Come By!

(for me, anyway!)
Shannon tagged me for this meme, and I'm telling you right now that this one is going to be hard for me. She gave me four words, and I'm supposed to write the first thing that pops into my head when I heard them. Here's the problem: I'm an over-analyzer. I don't have a first thing; I have a first twenty things! But I'm going to do my best--and besides, unless you're in my head, you don't know whether it's really the very first thing I thought of, or something I picked out of the several things that all occurred at once. Sometimes it gets a little noisy in my brain.

Okay, here goes:

1. Candle: The line from Elton John's song about Marilyn Monroe, calling her a candle in the wind. (Except that he actually calls her by her real name, Norma Jean, which always strikes a chord with me, because my middle name is Jean, and I HATE it. No wonder she went by Marilyn!) But I can't remember the song's name.

2. Finger: The man who was in a BIG hurry last week, who passed me on the right shoulder, who then showed me one of his fingers--you guess which one. I think I might've said, as he glared at me, "Did you just do that to a mom in a minivan?" For the record, when I asked my husband what he first thought of, he said "food," which is a much nicer connotation. Who doesn't love finger food?

3. Grow: "Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?" To which I'd answer, "It doesn't, because I have a black thumb and like the idea of plants, but don't really enjoy the maintenance." People always say before you have a baby you should have a plant, and if it lives more than a year, then get a pet, and if that pet makes it more than a year, you might be ready to have a child. My history with pets is well-documented, and now I've spilled the beans about my luck with plants, so it probably comes as a surprise that my children are all still alive and well, and 2/3 of them are more than one year old So there. :)

4. Wrap: Chili's pita wraps--actually, never mind, I like Roly Poly wrap sandwiches better! I craved those like nobody's business when I was pregnant with somebody (I can't remember which child, except I know it wasn't with Caiden, because I craved fish sticks with horseradish and ketchup, and guacamole by the pound with him.)

See, I'm no good at this first association thing! But if you are, please consider yourself tagged! I'm giving out the words blue, grass, light, screwdriver (last three courtesy of my husband). If you do this meme, will you leave me a comment and let me know, so I can check it out? Thanks:)

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