26 May 2006

The Bible Hour with Caiden

Caiden and I went shopping today, for a little one-on-one time, and besides getting some much-needed new clothes, I got some great instruction in Bible lessons:

"Mama, the Golf Ball of Judas (aka Gospel of Judas) isn't true, is it? They (Discovery Channel, I'm assuming) were just teasing, weren't they? Because Jesus' helpers didn't go anywhere after the Last Dinner; Jesus just had to go out and die, huh?"

"Mama, who were the Bull Rushers? Were they the bad guys who were going to kill Moses? " After I deduced that the Bull Rushers were, in fact, bulrushes, and explained that they were the weeds Moses was hidden in, I was rebuked: "Nonsense (he really did say that word, I promise), the Bible CD said 'Moses and the Bull Rushers.'"

When I asked him to tell me some Bible stories, he said, "Mama, the Bible is true, isn't it? Even the stories, huh? Now let me think of some of the stories I don't know yet."

"Mama, what's the story that comes after Noah's Ark? The one with the mama named Sarah? She was too old to have a baby, and they wandered the land where God told them to go, and God said his family would be as many as the stars in the sky, and he was amazed. Not kidding. And God gave him a terrible test. He had to kill his son to show God how much he loved Him. When he was going, he telled Sarah he was going on a picnic. He gathered up wood on the donkey and setted off. He could not speak for the tears. Then the angel called out, 'stop!' And he killed a lamb instead. And God knowed how much he loved Him. Wowsers. Yeah."

I'm thinking that since we can't go to church for several months, we'll have our own little church on Saturday nights. And maybe, just maybe, I'll let Caiden preach. Because he does seem to have quite the grasp on Scripture, you know?


  1. Please tell me he gets at least some of that at school or I'm going to think Reia is VERY behind in her Bible studies!

  2. Out of the mouths of babes! I love the way Bible stories are retold by children.

  3. Halfway through that last paragraph my eyes bulged in shock! That's amazing.

    Favorite parts:
    "God said his family would be as many as the stars in the sky, and he was amazed. Not kidding."


    "He gathered up wood on the donkey and setted off. He could not speak for the tears."

    He could not speak for the tears. Now THAT is just plain precious!!!

    Can I come to Caiden's church? Please!!

  4. Sweet. That's just about all I can say. Sweet!

  5. How adorable, Sarah. Somebody's doing something way right with that child!


  6. That was really cute. I just recently posted about my little one and her thoughts on Boaz and "roof". Not quite as accurate as Caiden's accounts. I do think you might just have a little preacher in your house. :)

  7. I don't really know how I came upon your blog, but I have to say that you have talent!! You are a great writer! You are blessed in so many ways and honey, I don't even know you. I really enjoyed reading blog. I have a 9 month old daughter and I just can't imagine going through, what you are going through right now. You and your family are in my prayers!!!

  8. He's got a better grasp on scripture than many adults. That is so awesome.

    He'll be a mighty fine preacher some day, even if it is only at home with his family.

  9. THAT was ADORABLE! I agree with Robin, I'm gonna have to read more bible stories to my little ones, not depend so much on Veggie Tails. Shame on me!

  10. He told me this morning, talking about Jesus - they crucified him - that means died. Then in the part where he comes back and appears to doubting Thomas - he said, that's Jesus talking. His voice is a little creepy....dont you love the honesty of children.

  11. I believe someone may have the gift of evangelism. :-)

    I LOVE the "He could not speak for the tears." That brings tears to MY eyes.

    Bless him.


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